Our Manscaping services include:

​Body Trimming, Body Shaving, Body Waxing

o  Manscaping is the modern art of male grooming and hair removal.

​Chest - $35-$40
Back - $35-$40
Arms - $20
Legs - $30-$40
Butt/Frontal Area - $35
The Classic Male - $85 (Full body trimming from neck to toes to bring out the natural contours of your body)
The Greek God - $120 (Full body trimming from neck to toes; including frontal area)
The Smooth Operator - $145 (Full body trimming from neck to toes; including a Brazillian waxing

The Split Decision - $65( Waxing of your butt, crack, sack and trimming of your frontal area)

Gentlemen’s Facial  - $65


Designed for all skin types. Relax with a hot towel and steam while your face is cleansed of impurities and your skin is toned and conditioned.

The Escape - $125

Men's spa package includes

One hour relaxing massage

30 Min. Men's cleansing facial

20 Min. Reflexology session

Age Later"